Mother Forker: Life with 3 boys!

There’s a special place in heaven for a mum of three boys…

I distinctly remember when I found out my third child was going to be a boy. Everyone kept saying “You’re going straight to heaven” – “There’s a special place in heaven for a mum of three boys…”

Three years after Master P’s arrival – I say that stairway to heaven better be pink – and filled with beautiful dresses, Manolo Blahniks and half a dozen Gucci handbags to boot. That stairway also needs Margarita’s, mango Daquiri’s and a six pack of West Coast Coolers.

Life is anything but normal, or quiet, with three boys.

Especially if those three boys are busy, overactive and DON’T SWITCH OFF 24/7….

I’m not kidding. They seriously do not switch off. EVER.

Talking, singing, debating, arguing, wrestling, fighting, running, swimming, dancing, kung-fuuing – you name it. Pick a VERB. They do it CONSTANTLY. And they’re not picky either – just as long as there’s action.

Master P’s got so much energy he’ll dance into school pick up, do the rounds of the playground chatting to EVERYONE before finishing with somersaults – just to let off extra steam.

Mr 7’s flapping GUMS are an untapped renewable energy source that could power a small country.   Somedays I stick my fingers in my ears and sing ‘lah lah lah lah’ at the top of my voice, just to make sure it still exists.

While Teen J. Well, his days are filled with, rugby, rock climbing, university, part-time jobs, full-time girlfriend – and that’s ALL before breakfast.

Immediately exhausting. Draining. Sucking the life – LITERALLY – out of me.

But never a dull moment. Like EVER.

To quote Mark Twain, the two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why. Apparently I was born to walk around like a sleep-deprived zombie woman juggling family, career with a business, marriage whilst experimenting how much caffeine one can safely ingest!

Life is more of a decathalon with new events being added daily – just to rock the boat – and test even my own endurance levels.

Straight to heaven they say.

Right now I’d settle for 8 hours uninterrupted sleep, a few home-cooked meals, a clean house, ONE MINUTE OF PEACE & QUIET – oh – and maybe throw a few Gucci bags in and some mango daiquiris too.

Living the dream…

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