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Tailored to suit busy kindergarten and early primary teachers by giving them all the ideas and activities they need to help students develop these skills in a fun, engaging way!

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The 8-step programme for maximising your child’s brain development for their learning  success in school and life!

BackChat Speech Pathology is a private Speech Pathology business that works extensively with children who present with Executive Function and Working Memory difficulties, that impact on Oral Language and Literacy-Learning outcomes.


Little ones we work with often struggle for years with difficulties across multiple developmental areas, and then struggle to engage and access the curriculum within Kindergarten, or in a more formal Classroom setting including Prep. They may struggle with Memory, Reading, Attention or Self-Regulation – crucial skills which underpin all learning in the early years.

Our Head Clinician Olwen Forker has over 18 years extensive experience working in the paediatric field of Speech Pathology. Olwen has extensive paediatric experience across all areas of early development – Speech, Language, Autistic Spectrum Disorders (including Aspergers Syndrome), and working with children with Behaviour-Executive Function or Memory-based learning issues. She has a passionate interest in Neuroscience – the science of the brain and how it works. Olwen’s interest and application of this research to the early years, from Universities including Harvard, Stanford and British Columbia, relates to how the ‘whole brain’ is just as important to the development of the child – not just the Speech-Language area.
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